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Mortgage loan calculator 2019 | Calculation of mortgage payments

Mortgage loan calculator 2019 | Calculation of mortgage payments

Mortgage loan calculator 2019 is a free financial tool that allows you to find mortgages in banks and contact the best experts in the mortgage segment.

A mortgage calculator tool for estimating the amount of loan installments, checking the bank in which mortgage loans are available for the purchase of an apartment, and additionally a list of financial intermediaries has been placed on the site.

Check how the mortgage simulation looks like – just complete the basic information in the calculator:

Mortgage loan calculator

Mortgage loan calculator

Below you will find a list of banks and financial experts with whom you can arrange a meeting regarding the loan: it is free, at any time, and does not oblige you to take advantage of the loan offer.

Mortgage loan calculator 2019 a useful thing?

You may ask yourself: is the mortgage calculator the best solution for mortgage searches? Not necessarily …

The functionality of the mortgage calculator is limited for several reasons:

  • The calculator only presents the amount of the estimated installments. No calculator, even when presented as “the best mortgage calculator” or whether it is a “bank mortgage calculator” presents estimated calculations. The granting of a mortgage loan and its terms depend on the result of the client’s creditworthiness assessment and the proposed security. That is why each credit offer is individual, and thus the cost of the loan and the amount of installments will certainly differ from those presented in the calculator.
  • Each calculator has a limited number of bank proposals. This is a maximum of a few banks that can be found in the calculators, the contact for selected banks is only very rare in a few cases. The vast majority is the ability to send a contact form to a financial intermediary.

Mortgage loan calculator

Mortgage loan calculator

Is it not worth using a loan calculator then? The banks’ loan offer is very wide and it is not surprising that we use such help. However, we are not able to (for the reasons given above) calculate the commission or interest rate on the mortgage loan installments using a commission calculator.

You can not simulate credit costs, and thus loan installments by changing individual credit costs including the repayment period.

In the mortgage calculator, we can set some basic information, such as:

  • purpose of the loan,
  • value of the property,
  • the amount of the loan,
  • loan period and
  • the type of installments and calculate the installments.

The only bonus of mortgage calculators is SIMULATION OF CREDIT INSTALLMENTS. And additionally the option of contacting an intermediary or with one or two banks. We complete the contact form and wait for a phone contact from the bank or intermediary to arrange a meeting.

If not a mortgage calculator, then what?

A better solution is to make an appointment with one of several financial intermediaries who are specialists in this field. It’s a professional and above all free help in comparison of mortgage loans.

This intermediary will estimate your creditworthiness, compare mortgage proposals and estimate credit installments. But above all, it will lead you from the beginning to the finalization of the loan agreement.